see why our membership-based facials business is garnering attention

see why our membership-based facials business is garnering attention

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Own a Skoah Skin Care Franchise

Wildly popular in Canada, skoah skin care franchise is poised to become a household name in America

Skoah is a first to market, facials-only franchise that is poised to revolutionize the $11 billion American skin care industry. Wildly popular in Canada for nearly two decades, skoah has grown to become what Vogue magazine calls “the coolest skincare line in Canada.” By focusing solely on facials, skoah has become a specialized leader in “personal training for your skin.” Skoah customers sign up for memberships that allow them to get affordable, hour-long facials once a month and an education in personalized skin care designed to deliver best results, as well as earn discounts on skoah’s proprietary product line of more than 70 items.

With several thriving locations in the United States, skoah is ramping up for a rapid expansion across the nation. We’re actively seeking entrepreneurs who have a passion for skin care and a commitment to their local communities to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting opportunity to hit the American beauty industry in a long time.

“We have created a new category within a massive industry,” says Andrea Scott, co-founder and CEO of skoah. “We didn’t invent facials, but by focusing solely on facials in our shops, we invented a unique experience that the customer hadn’t had before. This is what I’m the most proud of so far, is that we made what was an occasional luxury — facials — into an affordable, wonderful part of your life that gives you real results. The fact that we have our own 70-item product line that we own and that we’ve developed, and that we are focused on a single service, adds up to a tremendous opportunity. There is nothing like skoah on the market, and by creating our own niche within the massive health and wellness industry, we have become enormously successful in Canada. Now we will be growing in America for years to come.”

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What Does It Cost To Own A skoah Franchise?

The total investment estimate for a skoah franchise ranges from $255,000 to $384,500. skoah is far more affordable than other skin care and spa franchise concepts in the beauty industry, and, more importantly, it has a proven business model that has helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their potential of small business ownership while bringing terrific skin care to their communities

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Reinventing the spa industry

Skoah has completely changed the course of the spa industry by focusing on the ongoing needs of our customers. Starting with the accessibility, skoah facial shops are placed in beloved locations in a community, nearby coffee shops and restaurants, making us easy to find.

Our membership model makes us extremely affordable, and because we only offer one service, facials, our customers don’t have to take a day off from work - they can visit us on their lunch break, in between running errands and on their daily commute home! Most importantly, skoah gives our customers access to a personal skin care coach, who creates an individual skin care plan to give them the results they want based on their lifestyles, complete with product recommendations from our own proprietary skin care line - and these products are guaranteed to work.

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