3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a skoah Skin Care Franchise

Popular Canadian membership-based, facials-only franchise is expanding in the U.S.

Skoah is a popular Canadian membership-based skin care franchise that features affordable facials, proprietary products and personalized skin care.The brand launched its first U.S. locations in Seattle and Boston and is now seeking franchisees for expansion in Washington, California, Texas, Illinois, Arizona and Oregon, among other locations.

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Skoah is a first-to-market, facials-only shop that is poised to revolutionize the $11 billion American skin care industry. Wildly popular in Canada for nearly two decades, skoah has grown to become “the coolest skincare line in Canada,” according to Vogue magazine. By focusing solely on facials, skoah has become a specialized leader in “personal training for your skin.” With several thriving locations in the United States, skoah is ramping up for rapid nationwide expansion.

“There is nothing like skoah in the American market,” says Andrea Scott, co-founder and CEO of skoah. “We didn’t invent facials, but by focusing solely on facials in our shops, we invented a unique experience and a profitable business model. I’m extraordinarily proud that we took what was considered an occasional luxury — facials — and made it an affordable, wonderful part of consumers’ lives with long-lasting impact on their skin.”

Here are the top three reasons you should invest in a fast-growing skoah skin care franchise:

First-to-market facials-only concept makes high-end skin care affordable

Skoah is unique in the $15 billion spa industry by offering only one service — facials — and a gym-membership model that makes us an accessible, affordable and joyful part of ongoing skin care for our customers. Skincare enthusiasts have never experienced anything like skoah, and neither have entrepreneurs who have been seeking an inroads into the skin care industry.

Unlike traditional spas that require an extensive menu of services, expensive interior design and aesthetics and a large staff to manage, skoah is much easier to run and has a smaller footprint. Because only one service is offered, we have perfected the art of facials, as well as an easy-to-run business with two revenue streams. We’re making skin care an essential part of health and wellness, making it as integral to consumers as hitting the gym.

“We gained a loyal following by not only focusing on guest empathy and skin care education and allowing guests to purchase our proprietary line of tested products, but by also offering a relaxing, convenient alternative to traditional stuffy, intimidating spas,” Andrea says. “There’s no whale music, no bubbling cherubs and no pretentious attitudes at skoah. We seek to understand what our customers need from us, rather than trying to sell them services or products. We focus on personalized, ongoing education to help empower our customers to buy the right products and make the right lifestyle choices that will give them the skin care results they desire.”

Our unique membership model is flexible and profitable

While traditional spas may be indulging customers in a facial as an occasional treat, skoah offers a gym-like membership model that provides recurring revenue to franchisees. We’ve transformed the spa experience into a convenient, affordable and enjoyable part of regular life, and our customers rely on our skin care coaches to help them take optimum care of their skin and its changing needs.

“The core of our customer experience is sitting down with customers to determine what is going on in their lives so that our amazing skin care trainers can develop a new plan using skoah products or simply refine their existing skin care plan if they are already on the right path,” says Michelle Lee, skoah Franchise Relations Manager. “Our members come in regularly because they’re seeing results, and that’s why the memberships are really popular.”

Just like a personal trainer works with you at the gym, our coaches meet with customers one on one to create a custom skin care training regimen. Our customers love this personal touch — a hallmark of our affordable membership program, which includes a monthly facial. Additionally, our skin care coaches recommend products from the proprietary skoah line to help customers achieve and retain the healthy skin they want. This creates a recurring revenue stream for our franchisees, and added value for customers.

“Entrepreneurs are attracted to our business model,” says co-founder Chris Scott. “The fact that our membership model dramatically increases customer visits translates into more opportunities to sell our customers our skin care line. This works beautifully and is evident in that the breakdown of our revenue stream is almost exactly a 50/50 split between services and products.”

Proprietary product line provides a second revenue stream

With consumers clamoring to buy the latest skin care product touted by their favorite celebrity or Instagrammer, the deluge of skin care products on the market can be overwhelming, not to mention sometimes a waste of money and source of frustration. This led to skoah founders Andrea and Chris Scott launching the company in 2001. Andrea had a painful experience with skin care products as a young adult — her skin was burned by a product that she purchased to provide a solution.

skoah stands out because of our thoughtful artisanal approach founded on the unique skoah plant blend made of 11 plant extracts. We use scientific precision to create products that not only feel good, but produce the desired results.

“I’m very proud that our products do what they say they are going to do,” Andrea says. “We design our own products with the help of a team of scientists in our lab in Vancouver, Canada. We use natural ingredients when we can and combine that with science to offer products that are safe, healthy and comforting to the skin, while designed to address and improve a specific skin condition.”

While luxe brands like La Mer are too pricey for most consumers, and drugstore brands like Neutrogena are too mass-produced to adequately address an individual’s specific skin care needs, skoah stands out as a happy medium: an affordable skin care line that is produced in small batches and delivers on its promises.

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skoah has revolutionized the skin care industry in Canada since its founding in 2001 and is now poised for U.S. expansion. The total investment estimate for a skoah franchise ranges from $240,000 – $364,000. making it far more affordable than other skin care concepts. Our proven business model that has helped many entrepreneurs realize their potential of small business ownership, while bringing terrific skin care to their communities.

It’s the perfect time to get in on the ground up of this unique and potentially profitable franchise opportunity in the booming skin care industry. To learn more and to start a conversation, fill out a form to download our free franchise report or visit our research pages.

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