Bright Future Ahead for skoah Facial Shop Owners

Skin care industry products and services are huge sellers among young adults

There’s likely to be high demand for the products and services skoah facial shop owners offer well into the next decade and beyond, as millennials are the heaviest buyers of skin care products and services.

Millennials, young adults now in their mid-20s to mid-30s, recently became the largest generation in the workforce with more than 53 million workers. Companies are taking notice of their buying habits and preferences, hoping to secure their brand loyalty for life.

For the “selfie generation” — millennials who have grown up with technology — looking their best for social media is a priority. They are ideal customers for skoah facial shops.

“Young folks are … spending money on making sure their face is a glow-y, Instagram-worthy dream. … buying the basics like cleansers, moisturizers and acne creams,” according to “What’s Really Going On With Millennials And Skin Care?” published on “Millennials are the highest buyers, the heaviest buyers of skin care,” says Kurt Jetta, CEO of TABS Analytics, and quoted in the article.

Skoah offers millennials a customized buying experience

Skoah’s personalized buying experience also appeals to millennials. Focusing solely on each customer’s unique needs, we know that everyone is different. We treat our customers in much the same the way that a personal trainer at a gym would treat a client, only we don’t make our clients break a sweat! That’s where the concept of “personal training for your skin” originates.

Every customer receives a customized skin care program, complete with guidance from our estheticians that will help them reach their desired results. This personalized program changes along with our customers’ lives: if they go on vacation to a place with a dry climate, or if they have some crisis in their life that causes stress, we change the program. Additionally, our skin care coaches recommend products from the proprietary skoah line to help customers achieve and retain the healthy skin they want.

Our affordable monthly membership package also allows customers to receive facials once a month. The membership franchise model not only creates a recurring revenue stream and a built-in customer base for our franchisees, but it also creates added value for our customers.

“As humans, we’re hard wired to create habits,” Andrea says. “We challenge that here. We don’t want people to feel like we’re any other retail company, and have the ‘Hi, how are you today? Can I help you find anything?’ conversation. We want to be very authentic and get to know our customers. We know that millennials appreciate that personalized aspect of our business, and anticipate an increased demand for skoah facials and products in the future.”

Bring a skoah facials-only shop to your community

Husband-and-wife team Andrea and Chris Scott founded skoah, now a beloved brand in Canada. We are ready for America and poised to become the premier facials-only shop as expand in communities from coast to coast.

Skoah offers multiple revenue streams for the franchisee and a unique skin care experience for the customer, combining an affordable, accessible facial with a membership model and more than 70 tried and tested proprietary products.

Learn more about franchising with us by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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