skoah Franchise is a Smart Investment for 2018

A skoah franchise is a unique membership-based business specializing only in facials

You have an entrepreneurial mindset — you would love to own your own business, and you’ve considered the health and beauty industry. Before you launch your own cosmetics store or spa, though, consider partnering with skoah and becoming a franchise owner.

Opening a skoah franchise helps you leverage our decades of experience and success as a facials-only shop in Canada. A skoah franchise brings incredible benefits to our franchise owners that would take years to duplicate on your own — if they could be duplicated at all.

Three reasons to franchise with skoah

When you’re evaluating your options for business ownership, consider these excellent reasons for partnering with skoah.

You will be affiliated with a brand that’s taken Canada by storm and is ready to explode in the United States. skoah is almost 20 years old. In that time, we’ve perfected what we do: offering an affordable, facials-only shop experience. We have a track record of success in Canada, are beloved by customers and praised in the media, and are eager to expand throughout the United States.

“It was important to us to prove that our business could be successful in multiple locations before we started franchising,” says Chris Scott, co-founder of skoah. “Not only did we prove that, but our locations in Boston and Seattle prove that skoah is meeting a need for affordable and consumer-friendly skin care in America, as well. There is no limit as to how big we can get, but we’re ready and excited to grow!”

You will benefit from our membership business model that encourages ongoing and predictable revenue. Solo spa owners may have a difficult time projecting a budget or estimating how they will make money. Because the typical spa experience can be quite expensive, many clients only visit a spa for a “special occasion,” usually once or twice a year.

We offer a business model that is built upon establishing a relationship with the customer and creating a memorable experience. This arrangement allows customers to come in for a facial at their convenience — on their lunch break or on their way home from work — for an affordable price. skoah customers make return visits on a monthly basis, and they purchase, use and replenish their at-home proprietary skoah products regularly — all of which helps franchisees generate predictable revenue.

You will specialize in one service and likely be the first in your community to do so while growing your business through education.

We are committed to being the very best at facials and educating our customers about keeping their skin healthy.

“When we visited dozens of spas as consumers, we knew that a big way to differentiate ourselves was to find a service where we could be the best in the world,” Scott says. “Full-service spas were the norm, and they offered dozens of services. Rather than being educational, so that customers could continue down a path of excellent skin care, they were a luxury item that only served the purposes of relaxation.

“People thought we were crazy by only focusing on facials, but facials are the gateway to feeling happy about how you look — which is what we’re after. When you make the experience affordable and membership-based, you have customers who are coming to you to improve the way they look rather than enjoy an extravagant day of luxury. We take that a step further by marrying this experience to a product line and an education about which products you need to get the results you want.”

skoah recognized the power of education and created the platform of “personal training” for your skin. Gyms have personal trainers who design workouts specifically tailored to produce results for individual gym members; skoah estheticians are skin care personal trainers. They guide customers month by month, year by year, from weddings to vacations and beyond, to ensure that every customer has the skin care regimen and products that will work best for them.

Joining our franchise network helps set you up for success from the moment your franchise agreement is signed.

Learn more about skoah franchise

If you’re considering opening a cosmetics, skin care or spa business on your own, we’d love to help you compare and contrast that prospect with a skoah franchise ownership. We can tell you about all the benefits of franchising with skoah and answer any questions you may have.

Find out more about opening a skoah facials-only shop franchise by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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