skoah Franchise Stands Out in a Nearly $11 Billion Skin Care Industry

Proprietary products and membership-based model make skoah unique

No other cosmetics, skin care or spa franchise on the market comes close to what is offered by skoah facials-only shop franchise, an award-winning brand with a more than 70 proprietary skin care products guaranteed to produce the results customers want.

Husband-and-wife team Andrea and Chris Scott began skoah in Canada almost 20 years ago. Since then, skoah has developed a wildly enthusiastic customer base and widespread praise from the media, including Vogue magazine, which exclaims that skoah is the “coolest skin care line in Canada.” Now, skoah is poised to become the premier facials-only shop franchise as it rapidly expands across the nation.

“What I’m the most of proud of with our skin care line is that our products do what they say they are going to do,” Andrea Scott says. “They work. This is because we design our own products with the help of a team of scientists in a lab in Vancouver, Canada. We use natural ingredients when we can and combine that with science to bring out products that are safe, healthy and comforting to the skin and designed to improve a specific skin condition.”

The timing to open a skoah franchise is ideal for the U.S. skin care industry is booming and is expected to reach $11 billion in annual revenue this year, according to the Global Cosmetic Industry. As millions of Americans suffer from some form of skin issue — from acne to aging — it’s inevitable that the skin care industry growth will continue well into the future.

What makes skoah different from our competitors

Skoah takes an artisanal approach and scientific precision to create our products, and our franchisees build their businesses around relationships, educating clients and offering products and services that address their specific skin concerns. We accomplish this through a membership-based business model. By becoming members with skoah for monthly facials, clients get ongoing specialized attention. Franchisees receive predictable revenue each month.

“The membership model is unique to skoah, and it’s created an experience that cannot be consumed online, which brings in customers to our stores with much more frequency,” says Chris Scott. “We’ve been blown away by the success of our membership model, and in turn, our customers experience the benefit of regular facials. Our franchisees likewise experience a revenue stream that they can count on as they continue to grow their businesses.”

Join the $11 billion industry and open a skoah franchise

Now is the time to bring a skoah facials-only shop to your community. Your business will stand out from competitors because no other spa, skin care or cosmetics studio offers clients what skoah does.

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