skoah’s Training and Development Set Franchisees Up for Success

Meet Training and Development Manager Saniya Jamal

Skoah is a first-to-market, facials-only franchise that is poised to revolutionize the $11 billion American skincare industry. As we expand and grow skoah across the country this year, we know that helping our franchise owners get a great start is essential to their success.

That’s why Saniya Jamal is such a crucial member of our team. Jamal is skoah’s Training and Development Manager, and she is uniquely qualified to help our franchise owners begin their businesses and open their shops. Just four years ago, she started as a skoah Skincare Coach. She quickly rose through management ranks as a shop Manager and then Regional Manager to her position today.

Jamal oversees all aspects of training. She has helped develop programs and materials and also conducts training sessions with owners. She walked us through the type of support new skoah franchisees can expect when they sign up as facial shop owners.

skoah franchise offers comprehensive training and support
to shop owners

skoah’s training program is designed to educate and support all new business owners, regardless of experience level. Our comprehensive training covers all aspects of skin care and business ownership, with as much “real-life,” on-the-job learning as possible.

After the on-boarding training, which includes frequent meetings with our Franchise Support Manager, new shop owners come to Vancover for Visual Shop Owner Training. This training includes three intensive days of educational programming.

“During this time, new shop owners learn all about skoah,” Jamal says. “They learn about our history, values, management and brand standards. We also train them in the areas of financial management and inventory management. This is a foundational introductory program that franchisees attend about six weeks prior to their opening.”

The next phase of training happens on the job at our flagship location in Yaletown. New franchisees spend about 16 hours working inside the store. They learn more about our products, about serving customers and about best practices for daily store operations.

“In this setting, new franchise owners have the opportunity to really see and feel what their new store will be like,” Jamal says. “The lessons they learn in this phase are not something you can teach in a classroom space. It’s a critical piece of the program, as it gives new owners a real-life, hands-on experience before they open their own shop doors.”

Obviously, skoah’s estheticians need specialized training to deliver facial services and educate our customers. Once again, we have our trainees learn on the job. Our trainers teach a shop’s new estheticians, and we employ training models as customers.

“We want to simulate as much of a real-life situation as possible,” Jamal says. “We book the training models ahead of time and do our reminder calls for them throughout the week — like we normally would as if the store was open. After the facial, we continue the training through the closing of the appointment, complete with a product recommendation.”

Before this training week is finished, we have a “soft open.” We’re able to unlock the front door and serve any customers who may come in — while the trainers are still on site to offer assistance. “At that point, the entire crew will be completely up to speed and able to service customers and hopefully, sell them something, or get them booked in for a facial. Our trainers are there to offer help and feedback on ‘real-life’ interactions with customers,” Jamal says.

skoah’s training and support doesn’t stop with your grand opening. Our Franchise Support Manager reaches out on a regular basis to each shop owner, providing help as needed. “Once franchisees are open and in business, their needs become quite individualized. Our Franchise Support Manager is the designated liaison between the corporate office and the franchisees. She is a constant support system for them,” Jamal says.

Even though some potential franchisees may be intimidated at the thought of opening a skoah franchise, Jamal reassures them that they shouldn’t be. She’s committed to making sure new franchisees have all the tools they need to thrive as skoah owners.

Jamal says: “They’re not alone in that process. We train them so that they feel confident going into this business, and we’re constantly using their feedback to add to and adapt our training. I want them to know that there is ongoing support and training, and we’re just a phone call away.”

Now is the time to become a skoah franchise owner

Find out more about the skoah skincare franchise opportunity by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report. There’s never been a better time to bring our unique facials-only shop to the faces in your community.

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