Working Moms Buy a skoah Franchise, Find Career Satisfaction

Facials-only franchise is ideal for working moms

Motherhood doesn’t have to be a disruption to a woman’s career path. In fact, with a skoah franchise, mothers find balancing a career and family life quite doable. Our newest franchise owners in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, have been in the workforce and at home. Now, they’re enjoying the best of both worlds — forging a new career path with their children by their side.

Skoah franchise owners go through products

Kim Venu has two children and describes owning her skoah franchise with Jennifer Prevost, her business partner, friend and fellow mom, as an ideal situation. Venu says: “I actually told my husband the other day, ‘I will get to join this business that I love, in an industry that I love, with my partner whom I adore, and a team that I totally look up to. I will get to work as much as I want in my city, and be a part of my community, and still have time to look after my kids and be a good mom!’ ”

Venu, a former business owner with a background in marketing and advertising, had known that she wanted to open another business someday. She made that leap after being home with her children for a few years. She saw great potential in her town of Red Deer and approached Prevost, who was working in ultrasound technology, about joining her as a business partner.

“I’m a fully established career woman, so I was eager to get back to that feeling of success and contribution,” Venu says. “I had a strong business mindset, and our town is ripe for business. It supports its own in terms of small businesses. Jen was very happy in her career as a technologist, but I slowly convinced her to join me because I felt she would be an excellent partner. When we started looking at the skoah opportunity, she just caught fire with enthusiasm. Then, we talked about trying on the idea of how a skoah business would fit into our lives — could we do it, and were we financially set up to do it? When we decided it was feasible, it took off from there.”

Venu and Prevost are excited about all the possibilities their new skoah facials-only shop holds. Because of the unique business model and proprietary products, skoah stands out in Red Deer. They’re anticipating great success once the doors open in early spring.

Venu says, “Well, perhaps I’m optimistic — I am a businesswoman, after all — but in my town, people love the idea of a big-city experience and not having to go to Calgary or Edmonton to do it. So I think our store is going to be packed all the time. It’s just such an affordable, competitive price. I can’t even wrap my brain around that our founding members will be able to have a 45-minute facial once a month for $50. Who wouldn’t do that? If I hadn’t opened this store, I would be all over whoever was opening it and wanting to be one of the first people in the door.”

Now is the time to become a skoah franchise owner

skoah is Canada’s most beloved facials-only franchise, having built a glowing reputation with customers and media alike. Now the brand has plans to rapidly expand across America by growing to 250 locations in the coming years.

The time is right to bring our unique facials-only shop to your community. “If you are even remotely considering this as an opportunity, there’s absolutely no reason to hesitate,” Venu says. “I think it’s an amazing time to get in. skoah really is the first of its kind. Can you imagine being that first skoah shop in every city, everywhere? I think skoah is going to be all over the place in the next five years, and there will be a ton of people out there saying, ‘Oh, I wish I’d done that!’ And you don’t want to be that person.”

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