What Are Our Core Values?

Skoah is guided by core values that drive success in our rapidly growing spa franchise

Skoah is revolutionizing the $15 billion spa industry, and that number is only expected grow according to Yahoo Finance. Canada’s most-beloved facials-only franchise has built a glowing reputation with customers and media alike, and now the brand has plans to rapidly expand across America by growing to 250 locations in the coming years. We’ve done this by developing and adhering to a respect-based culture that drives everything we do. It is particularly important for our franchise owners and defines our working relationship with each other in our franchise network, as well as how our franchisees interact with their customers.

Our success is rooted in doing things differently, and skoah is guided by core values that drive our growth and set us apart from the spa industry:

Listen to Understand

“It’s not common in this industry to listen to what a customer needs,” says Andrea Scott, CEO and co-founder of skoah. “The customer is told what they need. In our case, we want to understand what you think you need or what you think the issue is. We ask questions about you, your lifestyle and get to know you. We do this to better understand what products and what type of program will work for you. If you’re super-busy, we’re not going to give you six things to use; we’re going to start with one or two. Listening is hard to do, but it’s part of what makes us so successful with our customers.”

Loving What You Do

“This means something different to everyone because there are many ways you can love what you do,” Andrea says. “The people who are our franchisees come from to us from all different perspectives. Some of our franchisees come into our system because they love the beauty industry. Other franchisees love owning a business where their customers go home feeling great. Some of our franchisees are more interested in the bottom line and are attracted to our business model and our multiple revenue streams.”

Create a New Experience

“As humans we’re hard-wired to create habits,” Andrea says. “We challenge that here. We don’t want people to feel like we’re any other retail company, and have the ‘Hi, how are you today? Can I help you find anything?’ conversation. We want to be very authentic and get to know our customers. What most people don’t realize is that our skin can change every month: you might have gone on vacation to a dry climate that changed your skin, or you might be going through a stressful situation that is changing your skin. By creating a new experience, we can adapt and change your skin care program depending on what’s going on in your life.”

Setting Goals

“Goal setting is critical here,” Andrea says. “I’m proud of the fact that we have many people who have accomplished their goals with skoah. What I love about franchising is that we can help entrepreneurs realize the goal of owning their own businesses. I wish there was something like us when we started — a brand with proven systems and practices in place.”

Giving energy

“We don’t know how people are going to feel when they come through our doors,” Andrea says. “We always want to be giving that positive energy to someone. We are mindful of the kind of energy we put out. Our customers are coming to us so that they can get help with their skin, which is a very personal thing for all of us. We’re there to help them, and so we train our franchisees and they train their staff to be empathetic.”

Our culture is more than words — it defines how we work together, and we believe it is one of our strongest attributes.