What Do Our Franchisees Say About Us?

Skoah franchisees open up about what they love about their businesses

We think skoah is an amazing and unique business to own. Don’t take our word for it, though!

This is what our franchisees have to say about their businesses:

Sharon Landau, owner of a skoah franchise in Toronto, Canada

“People recognize me on the street or in a restaurant because of both the popularity of the brand and the ability for us to make our customers feel better about themselves. In our first year, our sales doubled, and we’ve been growing every year since. When our customers experience our facials, they go, ‘Whoa!’ Even if they’ve experienced a facial before, what they experience at skoah is something they haven’t experienced before. This happens because we listen to our customers, and we work hard to try exceed their expectations. Our ability to provide a service that is unique and results-oriented makes it easy to grow a membership base.”

Yavanna Arnold, owner of a skoah franchise in Vancouver, Canada

“I got introduced to skoah through my mother, and that is common with skoah — customers want to share their experience with skoah with their friends and family, and we became regular customers before becoming franchisees. What I love about the brand is that both the facials and the products are excellent. Our customers love coming in because they feel better about themselves when they leave — and they look better, too! It’s a very social business. The brand feels like a family. The skoah executive team and the franchisees are so helpful and energetic. They work hard to create a company that franchisees and employees alike feel great about being a part of. This is a great business to get into because it’s growing, and there are great systems in place that help us succeed without having a retail background.”

Ameera Ahmad, owner of a skoah franchise in Canada