How Large Is the Market for Facial Shops?

The first-to-market facials-only shop is revolutionizing the spa industry by making skin care an essential part of health and wellness

Millions of Americans are suffering with poor skin. Acne, the most common skin disease in Western society, affects 80% of people age 11-30 and affects women four times more than men, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. In older adults, the aging process becomes evident on our skin, and Global Cosmetic Industry reports that the “No. 1 skin care line in America is an anti-aging brand.”

The importance that we place on healthy skin can be a daily source of stress, anxiety and depression, resulting in an endless search for solutions. Cosmopolitan magazine captures just how painful experiencing bad skin can be in our daily lives in an article titled, “The Emotionally Shattering Trauma of Living with Bad Skin.”

“The perceived lack of control is one of the toughest aspects of acne,” says psychologist Linda Papadopoulos in the article. “We live in a very visual world — just look at Tinder! Subconsciously, clear skin is associated with fertility, good health and hygiene, which can be very distressing if you have acne.”

The fact that bad skin is such a common experience has resulted in a booming $15 billion spa industry, with nearly 20,000 spas in operation in the United States, according to Yahoo Finance. While spas are known as extravagances the average person saves up for, skoah has revolutionized the entire industry by being the only brand on the market that specializes in offering facials. In fact, facials are the only service that we offer.

“Having healthy skin is important no matter how old you are,” says Andrea Scott, CEO and co-founder of skoah. “Our customers very often come to us in times of emotional crisis because they have broken out, and the skin care product they are using isn’t doing what it says it will do. We’re different because we apply empathy to every situation, and by listening to our customers we can forge a relationship based on trust that will win them as customers for life.”

What makes skoah facials unique?

Skoah set out to be the best in the world at providing facials, and by focusing on facials as the only service we offer, we have created a thriving business model with a wildly enthusiastic customer base. Far from the cucumber masks that traditional spas offer as facials, skoah has created the concept of personal training for your skin.

Because every customer is unique, with different anxieties, different needs and different lifestyles, we treat our customers in much the same the way that a personal trainer at a gym would treat a client — only we don’t make our clients break a sweat! We create a customized skin care program for every customer, complete with guidance from our estheticians and skin care products that will help our customers reach their desired results. This personalized program changes along with our customer’s lives: if they go on vacation to a place with a dry climate, or if they have some crisis in their life that causes stress, we change the program.

Skoah is also far more affordable than traditional spas. According to the Huffington Post, the average facial will run a customer anywhere from $75 to $100. While we offer a series of one-hour sessions in this price range, we also offer facials beginning at $45.

The benefits of a monthly membership model

Taking the personal training for your skin program one step further, skoah offers an affordable monthly membership package that allows customers to receive facials once a month. This not only creates a recurring revenue stream and a built-in customer base for our franchisees, but it also creates added value to our customers. Their skin won’t stay the same from month to month, nor will their lifestyles, and having the assistance of a skin care coach to help them navigate what products to use helps them maintain healthy skin.

“One of our core values is to create a new experience for our customers every time they come in, which incentivizes monthly visits,” says Chris Scott, co-founder of skoah. “We don’t have the typical retail conversation with our customers. We listen to them, and we find out what they’re going through so that we can adjust their programs and recommend the products that are going to work well for their skin and their lifestyles. When we created skoah, we knew that we wanted to only focus on facials because that is where we could excel, and we are the best facial provider in the industry. Over time, we’ve also developed a brand that is focused on skin care as ongoing part of health and wellness. This is why we’ve been able to grow as rapidly as we have and why we’ll continue to grow well into the future.”