Next Steps

Ready to bring the skoah franchise glow to your community?

Once you submit your information, you will receive an email with a link to the free skoah Franchise Report, which will give you detailed information about our brand, as well as the requirements to franchise with us. A member of our franchising staff will reach out to you by phone. The first call usually lasts just a few minutes and gives us a chance to introduce ourselves to one another and address initial questions.

Once we determine that you’re financially qualified and that you’re a good fit for skoah, we hit the ground running! We will schedule your weeklong training experience at skoah headquarters in Vancouver, which will cover everything you need to know about our business: including how to hire estheticians, the knowledge behind our products and how to sell them, marketing support, how to manage inventory and the creation of a business plan. In addition, new franchisees will spend two weeks in a store to learn the ins and outs of the business. Skoah will also host regular check-ins to help you meet your goals, offer assistance and be there to ensure you have all the tools necessary to make your business a success.

To get started, please download our Franchise Information Report, which includes detailed information about the skoah franchise opportunity.

The report includes:

  • Information about skoah’s competitive advantages
  • Testimonials from existing franchisees
  • Information regarding our FDD Item 7, outlining startup costs

We’ll email you a report and follow up with a short conversation to answer any questions you have. Thank you in advance for your interest in franchising with skoah.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and are excited that you’re interested in bringing skoah to your community as we rapidly expand across the nation and around the world.