Who Are Our Customers?

The rapidly growing spa franchise is winning lifelong customers, one face at a time

Positioning a brand as a way to make people feel better about how they look is a powerful thing, especially if the brand’s services and products truly are proven to make people look better. Skoah is the rare brand that does both.

Skoah facial shops are unlike anything else in the booming spa industry. The difference is felt immediately upon walking into one of our stores. There is no new-agey mumbo jumbo, no whale music and no bubbling cherubs. Instead, there’s a blissful and chic feeling with gender-neutral colors, down-tempo electronica and a staff that is there to listen and empower you with products and education to make your skin look great.

The many services that spas traditionally offer have been whittled down to one exceptional facial service with skoah. This was intentional: skoah is the first brand to specialize in one service, which makes skoah instantly identifiable as we continue to grow and build brand awareness. And it makes our concept easy to understand from an investment standpoint.

“We wanted to be the best in the world at delivering facials to customers,” says Chris Scott, co-founder of skoah. “By specializing in only one service, we realized that this goal was not only achievable but also good for the health of our brand — we become associated with our world-class service. The membership model provides a way for franchise owners to see their customers on regular basis, allowing them the opportunity to sell our skincare line to their customers with increased regularity. It’s a win-win for our franchisees and their customers.”

Skoah appeals to customers of all ages, genders, races and cultures

Skoah is successful because we treat our customers as individuals, not only by making skincare an affordable and enjoyable part of ongoing health and wellness, but also by appealing to our customers as individuals. Skoah recognizes that all people are different, their skin is different and their goals are different, which is why we have developed the concept of personal training for your skin.

“We realized that people have different skin types and different problems with their skin, and so we focus our services on customizing to the individual’s skin type and working to achieve their desired result,” says Michelle Lee, Franchise Relations Manager. “We ask our customers questions about their lives and their lifestyles. We assess the condition of their skin, and just as a personal trainer at a gym will work with individuals to create customized workout regimens that suit their lifestyles, our estheticians will develop a personal skin care training routine that is designed specifically for that customer’s lifestyle and their desired goals.”

Our memberships also take the concept of a skin gym a step further by making a visit to skoah a breeze: we offer bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly and yearly membership plans that vary in price points and perks. This grants our customers flexibility in a way that values their time. They don’t have to take a day off of work and save up for weeks at a time to visit us. We’re affordable and convenient, and we become something they look forward to, rather than feel guilty about.

“We’re able to reach people who would never visit a spa because we’re so convenient and affordable,” Michelle says. “This is one of the reasons why skoah is a smart business to franchise, because the demand for our services is proven in the success of our membership plans, which continue to grow every single month in each of our nearly 20 locations.”