Why a Membership Model Makes skoah a Smart Business to Own

The fast-growing spa franchise revolutionizes the spa industry with a gym-like membership model that provides recurring revenue to franchisees

Skoah revolutionized the booming spa industry, which Yahoo Finance reports is valued at $15 billion, by turning the spa experience into a convenient, affordable and enjoyable part of regular life while seeking to help customers find an ongoing path toward healthy, glowing skin. skoah has brought a gym-like membership program for our guests, which provides them not only a monthly facial, but a skin care coach who creates a personalized skin care training regimen — complete with product recommendations to get our customers the results they want.

The beauty of this membership program from a customer’s point of view is threefold: 1) customers have the entire month to plan a time where visiting their local skoah franchise will be most convenient to them; 2) customers can visit skoah on their lunch breaks, on their way home from work or on the weekends; and 3) having a personal skin care coach who develops a relationship with a customer means that every customer’s skin care training regimen can change and adapt to what is happening in their lives: a stressful time at work, planning for a wedding, or taking an exotic vacation to a dry climate can all be planned for in advance.

“The core of our customer experience is sitting down with our customers and finding out what is going on in their lives so that our amazing skin care trainers can find out exactly what is going on with their skin and develop a plan or refine the skin care plan they’re already on,” says Michelle Lee, Franchise Relations Manager with skoah. “Our members come in regularly because they’re seeing results, and that’s why the memberships are really popular with our customers. The more you come into see us, the better your skin will be, and we guarantee that.”

From the perspective of a franchise owner, monthly memberships create an ongoing and regular revenue stream that makes it easier to grow your business. The skoah leadership team helps new franchisees market their new businesses in order to establish a membership base, as well as helps to continue to grow your membership base in a smart and efficient manner.

“The membership model is unique to skoah, and it’s created an experience that cannot be consumed online, which brings in customers to our stores with much more frequency,” says Chris Scott, co-founder of skoah. “We’ve been blown away by the success of our membership model, and in turn, our customers experience the benefit of regular facials. Our franchisees likewise experience a revenue stream that they can count on as they continue to grow their businesses.”

Skoah is a rewarding business to own

With the membership model increasing customer visits, skoah franchisees own a business that is providing a much-needed service to the faces in their community. Never before has a spa franchise been able to provide affordable and convenient ongoing skin care that is personalized to suit each customer’s needs and lifestyles, as well as establish a relationship that is built on our expertise in skin care and then strengthened by the results that our customers experience. This makes skoah a rewarding business to own.

“People recognize me on the street or in a restaurant because of both the popularity of the brand and the ability for us to make our customers feel better about themselves,” says Yavanna Arnold, owner of a skoah franchise in Vancouver, Canada. “In our first year, our sales doubled, and we’ve been growing every year since. When our customers experience our facials, they go, ‘Whoa!’ Even if they’ve experienced a facial before, what they experience at skoah is something they haven’t experienced before. This happens because we listen to our customers, and we work hard to try to exceed their expectations. Our ability to provide a service that is unique and results-oriented makes it easy to grow a membership base.”

Frequent customer visits mean customers buy more products

Skoah memberships create an incentive for customers to come into our facial shops on a monthly basis, and because our skin care coaches see their customers’ faces with increased regularity, the opportunity to sell products on an ongoing basis makes skoah a smart business to own.

The benefit is mutual to both franchisee and customer. Never before has a spa franchise been able to customize skin care to the point where customers can see a professional skin care coach who takes into account the changes they are going through in their lives, who can guide them to healthy skin and recommend products that are guaranteed to work.

“Entrepreneurs are attracted to our business model,” Chris says. “The fact that our membership model dramatically increases customer visits translates into more opportunities to sell our customers our skin care line. This works beautifully, and is evident in that the breakdown of our revenue stream is almost exactly a 50/50 split between services and products.”