What Is a Skoah Spa and Skin Care Franchise?

Canada’s premier skin care franchise is poised to become the brightest brand in America’s booming beauty industry

Beloved in Canada, where the brand was founded by Andrea and Chris Scott, skoah has developed a wildly enthusiastic customer base and widespread praise from the media, including Vogue magazine, which exclaims that skoah is the “coolest skin care line in Canada.” Now skoah is ready for America, where it is poised to become the premier spa and skin care franchise as it rapidly expands across the nation.

Franchise Help reports that the American beauty industry will reach $18 billion by 2018, and skoah is taking it by storm. As a first-to-market, membership-based skin care franchise, skoah focuses solely on providing customers with facials, as well as the personalized ongoing education and proprietary products they need to keep their skin radiant and clear.

“There has never been a better time to open a skoah franchise,” says Chris Scott, co-founder and CEO of skoah. “We witnessed the success of a lot of single-service specialists in the health and wellness space, but before skoah, the spa industry did not have a brand that focused specifically on facials. What makes us really unique is that we’ve created a completely new experience for the customer that combines an affordable, accessible facial, with a membership model and a product line that makes ongoing skin care a joy for customers. As a franchise system, this creates multiple revenue streams for our franchisees. We’ve been successful in Canada for several years, and our success in Seattle and Boston proves that our business model can prosper in communities from coast to coast.”

The media’s love affair with skoah is ongoing. As the first brand to make facials accessible, affordable and an experience you look forward to, it’s no wonder why nearly every national publication from GQ to The New York Times continues to heap praise on skoah. The Calgary Herald reports: “They give great facials, and a wide range of them, too. Skoah also sells its own Canadian-made products and prides itself on arming people with the skin care know-how they need to survive in the real world.”

Skoah is disrupting the traditional spa industry

It might surprise you that in the $15 billion American spa industry, there are fewer than 20,000 spas nationwide, according to Yahoo Finance. While there are a few national chains, the majority are mom-and-pop operations, which offer expensive services, cliched new age-isms and products that are designed to take you for what you’re worth because they know that a spa day is a luxury item and you won’t be back anytime soon.

Enter skoah: the brand that is changing the way Americans feel about spas by changing the way they feel about their skin. Skoah differs from traditional spas of yore by providing only one service — facials — to customers who sign up for gym-like memberships. Gyms have personal trainers who design workouts to meet an individual’s fitness goals; skoah has skincare coaches who provide a customized regimen utilizing our tried and tested array of more than 70 proprietary products. Everything at skoah, from the memberships to the products, has been designed for affordability, so that visiting one of our franchise locations isn’t a luxury item that comes with the guilt of spending money on an extravagance, but rather becomes an ongoing and enjoyable part of daily life.

“We gained a loyal following by not only focusing on guest empathy, skincare education and allowing guests to purchase our proprietary line of tested products, but by also offering a relaxing, convenient alternative to traditional stuffy, intimidating spas,” says Andrea Scott, co-founder of skoah. “There’s no whale music, no bubbling cherubs and no pretentious attitudes allowed at skoah. We seek to try and understand what our customers need from us, rather than trying to sell them services or products. The way we look, the way we feel about our skin, is very emotional for a lot of people. This is why we focus on personalized, ongoing education that allows our customers to become empowered to buy the right products and make the right lifestyle choices that will give them the results they desire.”

What makes our products so exceptional? Skoah products are made in a lab in Vancouver, Canada, specifically and only for sale in skoah’s facial shops. Skoah’s line of skin care products has a perfect blend of science and natural ingredients and is designed to do what we say it will do. We’ve also created our own blend of 11 different plant extracts to calm and soothe the skin and to fight free radicals. We include this in almost every skoah product. Instead of inexpensive, heavy mineral oils, we use high-quality, highly refined lipids and oils such as olive oil, shea butter and coconut oils. We also use sulphate-free cleansers in our facial, body and hair products. Finally, we preserve our products using paraben-free preservatives in minimal amounts — enough to keep our product safe, but without harming our customers.

“The first thing we needed when we started our product line was for our products to produce results,” Andrea says. “There has to be efficacy. There are so many products out there, whether they are completely science-based or completely natural, or whether they advocate being organic or nontoxic, these products take the place of value systems. While these values are important, we believe that there has to be a way for products to produce results. Not only do we stand by our products, but our products make up half of the sales in all of our franchise locations. This is a big win-win for our franchisees, as not only are margins high in product sales, but our products are so popular with our customer that it creates an additional recurring revenue stream alongside our memberships.”

Ready to bring skoah skin care franchise to your community?

The total investment estimate for a skoah franchise ranges from $240,000 to $364,000. Skoah is far more affordable than other skin care and spa franchise concepts in the beauty industry, and, more importantly, has a proven business model that has helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their proven potential of small business ownership while bringing terrific skin care to their communities.