What Makes Skoah Products So Cool?

The award-winning skin care franchise has a product line of more than 70 items that are guaranteed to produce the results our customers want

The American skin care industry is booming. Global Cosmetic Industry reports that the U.S. skin care industry will reach $11 billion in annual revenue by 2018. Millions of Americans are suffering from some form of skin issue, from acne to aging, and the benefits of preventative skin care are commonly thought to help prevent serious diseases such as skin cancer. One thing is certain, the skin care boom will continue well into the future.

While the skin care marketplace is a thriving segment of the economy, from a consumer’s standpoint, the myriad choices can be overwhelming — and choosing a bad product can result in wasted money and frustration. The skin care industry is so hard for consumers to navigate that nearly every major media outlet has published its own version of, “Skin Care Products that Work,” or “How to Choose the Right Skin Care Product.”

This lack of products that keep their promises is one of the reasons Andrea and Chris Scott founded skoah in 2001. As a young adult, Andrea had a painful experience with skin care products — her skin was burned by a product that was supposed to offer a solution.

“What I’m the most of proud of with our skin care line is that our products do what they say they are going to do,” Andrea says. “They work. This is because we design our own products with the help of a team of scientists in a lab in Vancouver, Canada. We use natural ingredients when we can and combine that with science in order to bring out products that are safe, healthy and comforting to the skin and designed to improve a specific skin condition.”

What makes skoah’s products so effective?

Skoah stands out as one of the brightest brands in the skincare industry because we take an artisanal approach and scientific precision to create products that not only feel good on skin, but produce the results that our customers are after.

“The skoah line has a lot of integrity behind it,” says Richard, Head Chemist with skoah. “Each product is designed to fulfill a need. When we set out to design a product, we want to know what is it for, who is it for and what we want it to do. We’re able to choose specific actives to benefit that skin type — be it mature skin or dry skin.”

What Richard means by actives are ingredients in our skin care products that respond to a skin type in a positive way, producing results.

“We use known and documented actives,” Richard says. “We keep everything PH correct so that’s comfortable for your skin, and we keep it nice and stable so it’s going to be good for you. We start off with pure, wonderful water. We use good oils such as olive oils and coconut oils. Our actives are the skoah plant blend, which is 11 unique plant extracts chosen for their actives. We use a lot of peptides and saccharides, which help your body synthesize collagen.”

While brands like La Mer are unaffordable for the average consumer, and brands like Estee Lauder are too mass-produced to be specific enough to address an individual’s skin care issues, skoah is the happy medium: an affordable skin care line that is produced in small batches and actually works!

“We make our products fresh,” Richard says. “We usually preserve things for two years, instead of the five-year mark most brands have to make. This allows us to use fewer preservatives and create products that won’t irritate your skin. We are exact in making our products, making them in small batches, so that we keep a nice flow going through. They’re handmade and mixed by the homogenizers — which gives our products an artisanal quality but allows us to keep every batch the same. Skoah products are truly exceptionally engineered.”