New Travel Kits Drive Sales for skoah Facials-only Skincare Shops

Summertime Travel Kits help franchisees reach new and existing customers with skincare solutions

Summertime can have a profound impact on the skin. Hotter weather and summer travel and outdoor fun can make routine, healthy skincare challenging: dehydration, oiliness, and interrupted skincare routines due to vacation and altered schedules. This creates opportunity for skoah franchise owners, and the skincare franchise has put together a solution — Travel Kits!

“We’ve created the very best, scientific formulas made of the highest-quality ingredients for a variety of skin types and conditions, and our trained skincare coaches educate our customers about their specific needs. We know that summertime can be hard on the skin, so we put together Travel Kits to help address those concerns,” says Andrea Scott, co-founder of skoah.

Offering products and services that keep in step with their clients’ changing skincare needs is critical to skoah franchise owners creating a sustainable business with loyal customers and repeat sales. Skincare is dynamic, and clients’ skin needs change with hormonal shifts, environmental exposure and aging. A skoah facials-only franchise owner will find that these shifting needs will bring new and returning clients to their stores for skincare help.

skoah Travel Kits are effective sales tools for franchisees

skoah has introduced four limited-edition Travel Kits to help franchise owners better educate and serve their customers. Travel Kits are also great for those who are interested in using skoah products but want to try them before investing in a full-size product.

“Our franchise owners find that the Travel Kits serve many purposes. First, they are outstanding tools for serving our customers — customers can purchase multiple products at an affordable price point. Second, they are a great introduction to skoah for the potential customer who is interested, but either doesn’t know what they want to buy or who wants to try many things. These Travel Kits help attract new customers and increase sales to existing ones.”

This summer’s Travel Kits feature four groups of targeted products. The Glow Achiever is appropriate for most skin types and features a cleaner, mask and moisturizer. The Heavy Hitter is designed to hydrate dry skin. The Problem Solver helps oily skin, and The Adventurer offers a head-to-toe experience featuring hair and body products. Each kit provides enough products for a two-week trial — or vacation.

“Two types of customers will buy this kit — the ‘skoaholic’ who is looking for something to take with them on their trips and the new customer who is looking for an introduction to skoah. We believe they will try out the products and come back to purchase the full-size version, making these great sales, promotion and education tools for the franchise owner,” says Saniya Jamal, Training and Development Manager.

Vanessa Sayson, Franchise Support Manager for skoah adds, “Offering four travel kit options makes the experience for a brand new skoah customer less intimidating by not overwhelming them with too many choices. Our skin care trainers and skin care coaches can demonstrate their expertise in confidently recommending which travel kit would be best suited to the customer’s skin and lifestyle.

“Plus they are at are a great price point, making them an easy add-on sale to any product the customer is already purchasing. They are selling so well for our franchise owners this year — our sales are triple what they were this time in 2017.”

Now is the time to open a franchise with skoah

Beloved in Canada for almost two decades and indisputably the nation’s coolest skincare brand, skoah is a first-to-market, facials-only franchise that is poised to revolutionize the $11 billion American skincare industry.

Learn more about opening a skoah facials-only shop by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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