skoah’s Unique Core Values Equip Franchisees for Success

Focused on outstanding customer service, skoah franchisees create clients for life

In the spa and skincare industry, skoah stands out. We choose to be guided by a set of core values that place customer needs as a priority. Other spa or skincare brands tell customers what they need, rather than listening to them to find out. At skoah, our dedication to our core values creates satisfied customers who return to our shops every month.

“Everything about skoah is different from a traditional spa — starting with our core values,” says Andrea Scott, co-founder and CEO of skoah. “These five core values — listening to understand, loving what you do, creating a new experience, setting goals and giving energy — serve a primary purpose, which is to deliver an outstanding client experience. They are integral to our foundation as a company, they guide our franchisees and their crew members, and they are, ultimately, responsible for our success.”

Beloved in Canada for almost two decades, skoah is a first-to-market, facials-only franchise that is poised to revolutionize the $11 billion American skincare industry. No other cosmetics, skincare or spa franchise on the market comes close to skoah facials-only shop franchise, which offers more than 70 proprietary skincare products. Since its launch, skoah has steadily built a faithful customer base and widespread praise from the media, including Vogue magazine, which called skoah the “coolest skin care line in Canada.”

skoah’s five core values propel business for franchisees

At skoah, we have developed and adhere to a respect-based culture that drives everything we do. It is particularly important for our franchise owners and defines our working relationship with each other in our franchise network, as well as how our franchisees interact with their customers.

Our success is rooted in doing things differently, and these five core values drive our growth and set us apart from the spa industry:

Listening to understand

Our goal is to serve the customer. Our franchisees and crew members are trained to ask questions of our clients with the goal of understanding their needs completely. We place importance on getting to know the people who trust skoah with their skin care. Even though listening can be hard, it’s an important core value for us. When clients know their concerns are heard, they are much more likely to recommend skoah and make return visits.

Loving what you do

Our franchisees come to us from all different perspectives — corporate refugees, stay-at-home moms, self-professed “skoah-holics” — but they share one common trait. All of our franchisees love their skoah franchise businesses and sharing skoah with the clients they serve. When our franchise owners are passionately invested in their work, success is likely to follow.

Creating a new experience

There’s something different about skoah that you can feel as soon as you walk in to one of our shops. Giving our customers a new and dynamic experience is another way that we seek to serve their greatest needs. You don’t see stereotypical frou-frou decor, and you’re not approached with a “churn-and-burn” generic sales pitch for the latest serum (which you may or may not need). We strive to establish authentic relationships in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. We’re also attuned to our clients’ unique needs so we can adapt a skincare program to answer their specific concerns.

Setting goals

skoah helps franchisees, their crew and customers set and achieve their goals. Because we genuinely care about people, we care about all aspects of their lives.

“I’m proud of the fact that we have many people who have accomplished their goals with skoah,” Scott says. “What I love about franchising is that we can help entrepreneurs realize the goal of owning their own businesses. I wish there were something like us when we started — a brand with proven systems and practices in place.”

Giving energy

One of the most rewarding aspects of skoah franchise ownership is helping to improve others’ quality of life. We are mindful of the type of energy we pass on to the people with whom we interact daily, and we don’t take that opportunity lightly.

“Our goal here is really to make people feel great from the skin in — to make someone feel better, happier and more relaxed,” says Scott Hislop, franchise owner in Calgary, Canada. “You know they’re going to take the positive energy and give it to others around them, to whomever they interact with for the rest of the day — maybe the rest of the week. That positivity trickles down to the next person and the next and the next. In our own little way, if I could be so bold, I would say that we’re really making the world a better place by doing our facials.”

Learn more about skoah franchise and our core values

skoah’s culture is more than words; it defines how we work together, and we believe it is one of our strongest attributes.

If you’d like to join skoah and embrace the core values we hold dear, we’d love to talk to you! We have markets available for development across the United States and plan to rapidly expand by growing to 250 American locations in the coming years.

Find out more about skoah by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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