Why skoah Is the Coolest Facials Franchise to Own

Canada’s premier skincare franchise expands into America

skoah is unique when it comes to the facial, skincare and spa space. It’s the coolest line to own because there’s no other brand like it on the market, making your skoah facial franchise shop one of a kind in your community.

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The media has taken notice, as well. Vogue magazine called skoah the “coolest skin care line in Canada.” We’ve received praise from almost every national publication — from GQ to The New York Times — and the Calgary Herald reports: “They give great facials, and a wide range of them, too. skoah also sells its own Canadian-made products and prides itself on arming people with the skincare know-how they need to survive in the real world.”

skoah’s expertise and business model set us apart

skoah is unique in that we are experts at one service — facials — and our Skincare Coaches are trained to have relationships with their customers, ready to offer education and suggest products.

We’re nothing like the majority of spas in the U.S. today. Most are mom-and-pop operations, which offer expensive services, cliched new age-isms and overpriced products. They operate their businesses with the assumption that you won’t be back anytime soon; after all, a spa day is a luxury item that you only enjoy once or twice a year.

Our business model is just the opposite. We make skincare and facials affordable, accessible and an ongoing aspect of health and wellness. Customers sign up for a gym-like membership program, which provides them not only a monthly facial but also a Skincare Coach who creates a personalized skincare training regimen — complete with product recommendations to get our customers the results they want.

“Before skoah, the spa industry did not have a brand that focused specifically on facials. What makes us really unique is that we’ve created a completely new experience for the customer that combines an affordable, accessible facial with a membership model and a product line that makes ongoing skin care a joy for customers. As a franchise system, this creates multiple revenue streams for our franchisees,” says Chris Scott, co-founder of skoah, says.

“We care about offering a great facial and relaxation, but we also understand people have busy lives,” says Sharon Landau, franchise owner near Toronto. “There is an efficiency about skoah that takes this into account. We offer great value for our services and truly want to provide our guests with the best possible experience to achieve the skincare results they want. This happens over time, and that’s why our membership options are so critical to the skoah franchise model. Not to mention the amazing opportunities our membership model provides for us to develop relationships with our clients.”

skoah franchise is not a typical spa or salon

Walk into a skoah facials-only shop, and you’ll be greeted with an atypical experience. Our aesthetic is crisp, clean and gender-neutral. Our space is relaxed and not stuffy. We’re not intimidating or overwhelming. “We don’t walk around with our whisper voices. We like to chat and educate our guests,” Landau says.

“There’s no whale music, no bubbling cherubs and no pretentious attitudes allowed at skoah,” co-founder Andrea Scott says. “We seek to try and understand what our customers need from us, rather than try to sell them services or products. The way we look, the way we feel about our skin, is very emotional for a lot of people. This is why we focus on personalized, ongoing education that allows our customers to become empowered to buy the right products and make the right lifestyle choices that will give them the results they desire.”

One of the most outstanding aspects of the skoah brand is our products. Made in a lab in Vancouver, Canada, and specifically for sale only in skoah’s facial shops, our line of skincare products has a perfect blend of science and natural ingredients of the highest quality. We’ve also created our own blend of 11 plant extracts to calm and soothe the skin and to fight free radicals. We include this in almost every skoah product.

“The first thing we needed when we started our product line was for our products to produce results,” Andrea Scott says. “There has to be efficacy. There are so many products out there, whether they are completely science-based or completely natural, or whether they advocate being organic or nontoxic. We believe that there has to be a way for products to produce results. Not only do we stand by our products, but our products make up half of the sales in all of our franchise locations. This is a big win-win for our franchisees, as not only are margins high in product sales, but our products are so popular with our customers that it creates an additional recurring revenue stream alongside our memberships.”

Now is the time to open a franchise with skoah, the coolest skincare brand

Beloved in Canada for almost two decades and indisputably the nation’s coolest skincare brand, skoah is now poised to revolutionize America’s $15 billion spa industry.

Learn more about opening a skoah facials-only shop by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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